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Can Juicing Be Dangerous?

Occasionally I get asked the question: Is Juicing Dangerous? I reply with the answer: It can be, but so can riding a bike!

You wouldn’t ride a bike without first being aware of the dangers and you’d probably consider the risks when choosing where to cycle and if you should wear a cycle safety helmet. It’s the same with juicing, be aware of the potential dangers and remain healthy when juicing!

Juicing really is a great way to optimize your health, lose weight and detoxify but read on to educate yourself about some of the potential health risks of juicing.

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The Benefits of Juicing Kale

Kale is a green, leafy vegetable that is packed with nutrients. This vegetable is a member of the  Brassicas plant family like cabbage and broccoli.

Some experts consider kale to be one of the healthiest vegetables on the planet. However, not everyone enjoys eating dark leafy greens. Many people do not find kale appealing due to the texture and amount of chewing required.

One of the benefits of juicing kale is therefore that you don’t have to chew and you don’t get hung up on the texture. You can also combine kale with other fruits and vegetables to make a juice which tastes great and is easy to consume.

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Is Juicing Safe For Diabetics?

Diabetes is a health condition caused by the body’s inability to regulate blood glucose levels due to either a lack of insulin produced by the body or resistance to the insulin. People with diabetes may be warned to avoid fruit juices due to the natural sugars in the fruit.

However, many experts are changing their opinions about fruits and diabetes. Raw foods may help improve diabetes. Certain fruits and vegetables can improve the body’s response to insulin and help control diabetes. Juicing with diabetes to lose weight can help diabetes as some people with type 2 diabetes can be cured of the disease by losing excess weight.

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