Hamilton Beach 67650

Hamilton Beach 67650 Big Mouth Juicer

The Hamilton Beach 67650 is a no “bells & whistles” juicer. It’s a really basic centrifugal juicer. At around $55 it’s meant as a juicer for those on a very tight budget. It’s not fantastic but it does the job well enough. It’s not super strong and those of you who are heavy handed may break this juicer, but it’s really not a bad juicer for the money.

If you treat this juicer gently it will juice for you and it does seem to get a lot of good reviews. But it is what it is… a cheaply made juicer with nothing to really shout about.

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Key Features

  • Fits whole foods – for less pre-cutting
  • Easy to assemble and store
  • Powerful 800 Watt motor
  • Includes recipes, tips and juicing cup
  • Extra-large pulp bin lets you juice longer

Average Price: $55
Juicer Type: Centrifugal
Power/Speed: 850 watts / 12500 RPM
Brand/Model #: Hamilton Beach / 67650

Product Description

Hamilton Beach continues to offer juicers at the lower end of the market. Their big mouth juicers are designed to make it easy to put whole fruits and vegetables in without chopping. In particular this is very useful when juicing apples, although personally I still core them as i’m not sure about putting apple pips though the machine (apple pips contain a very small amount of a cyanide precursor which turns into cyanide in the body).

The Big Mouth 67650 can usually be picked up for $60 or less which makes it a popular juicer with juicing newbies and people on a tight budget. So is this juicer worth the money or should you look at other makes and models?

Well firstly it’s important to realize that choosing a juicer is much like choosing a bottle of wine. You can go for the cheaper option or you can spend more money and get something of higher quality. Cheaper juicers like the Hamilton Beach 67650 are usually centrifugal which means they generate a certain amount of heat during the juicing process. Heat will always destroy some of the nutrients and enzymes in the juice. But again it’s like choosing a bottle of wine.

If you are starting out and are on a budget the Big Mouth 67650 will do the job of juicing fruits and vegetables. The juice it extracts is nutritious and will do you good. It’s not exactly super strong but it does a reasonable job of making juice. I would say that if you’ve got more cash then go for a Breville BJE200XL (around $100) or even better a Breville Je98XL (around $150). But if you’re on a tigh budget the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth 67650 is worth buying for the simple reason that it will get you started juicing and that is very beneficial for you and your health!

It’s interested to note that Hamilton Beach claim that this machine yields up to 24% more apple juice than a leading competitor. Not sure if you should believe that hype especially since they don’t say which competitor or machine they’re comparing to. Many people have also stated that this machine produces juice with more pulp in it than average. Something to consider if you don’t like pulp in your juice.

Buy A Hamilton Beach 6750 Juicer


What People Are Saying About This Juicer

“This is a clean well designed machine that is efficient and cost effective.” – Elizabeth A. Martini

“Since most of the reviews were positive, I decided to take a chance and buy it. I’m glad I did.” – T. King

“I’m sure my next one will probably be a higher end model, but for now this one is awesome and definitely worth the money.” – Busy mom

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