The Benefits of Juicing Spinach

Spinach is a leafy green packed with vitamins and minerals. The health benefits of spinach make it an ideal ingredient to add to homemade juice. Juicing extracts the nutrients from the spinach. The body can utilize the nutrients in the juice very easily. Cancer-fighting flavonoids and immunity-boosting vitamin A are two of the numerous health benefits of spinach.

Vitamin A not only supports the immune system, but this essential vitamin also helps skin conditions characterized by dry skin. The vitamin A helps the skin retain moisture which is extremely helpful for people with eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions. The vitamin A content in spinach may help prevent wrinkles.

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Green Juice In Blender

Can You Juice Without a Juicer?

The cost of a quality juicer discourages some people from starting juicing. When considering buying a juicer you should really look at it as an investment in your health. But if you really can’t afford to buy a juicer there may still be a way for you to juice without purchasing a juicer.

Lots of us have blenders in our kitchens. Blenders are useful kitchen appliances and can be used to make smoothies. If you made juice and then added the pulp back you would get a smoothie. So our goal here is to use a blender to make juice by removing the pulp after we blend.

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Top 10 Juicing Ingredients

Juicing is such a great way to improve your overall health. Of course consuming fruits and vegetables in any form is beneficial but juicing provides an easy way to get them into your daily diet. Juicing also makes it very easy for your body to absorb all of those nutrients.

There are also many health benefits which are associated with particular juicing ingredients. Ideally you want a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to make sure you’re really giving your body everything it needs to stay healthy and prevent disease. You should also not forget about herbs and spices. These are also very beneficial to health and can add a new dimension to the flavor of your juices.

Here are my top 10 juicing ingredients that you should try to include in your juices on a regular basis along with some of their health benefits!

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