Hamilton Beach 67650

Hamilton Beach 67650 Big Mouth Juicer

The Hamilton Beach 67650 is a no “bells & whistles” juicer. It’s a really basic centrifugal juicer. At around $55 it’s meant as a juicer for those on a very tight budget. It’s not fantastic but it does the job well enough. It’s not super strong and those of you who are heavy handed may break this juicer, but it’s really not a bad juicer for the money.

If you treat this juicer gently it will juice for you and it does seem to get a lot of good reviews. But it is what it is… a cheaply made juicer with nothing to really shout about.

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Woman Drinking Juice

The Health Benefits Of Juicing

There has been a lot of debate recently if juicing is any better for you than simply eating fruits and vegetables. The online community seems to be split on the issue but I think anyone with a scientific background would agree that eating more natural foods in any form is good for you.

One popular health claim for juicing is that it makes nutrients easier to absorb. If you’ve ever tried to eat a plate of raw vegetables you’ll know that there is a lot of chewing involved. You stomach doesn’t have teeth and some foods aren’t easily digested. Therefore, juicing should offer an advantage especially if you don’t like to sit chewing like a cow chewing the cud.

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Omega J8006

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer

The Omega J8006 is at the top end of Omega’s 8000 series. It retails for just under $300 although you may be able to get a deal and pick one up for $270 or less. It’s worth saying that the warranty offered by Omega on the J8006 is 15 years. That’s 5 years longer than the warranty on the J8005. The reason for this is better construction and that means stronger materials including those used in the auger.

This is the juicer you should choose if you want a sub $300 horizontal masticating juicer. It’s a really really really great juicer and with the 15 year warranty it’s really a no brainer (seriously this juicer is that good). Okay, so it’s single auger but you’re not going to find a twin auger juicer for under $300.

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